Jim England

Hi there! My name is Jim and I am a product designer. I live and breathe user interfaces and application workflows.

Here are a handful of startups I've worked on since 2008. Everything you see below I designed and coded in HTML/CSS/JS. There are plenty of projects before that too, but those designs are far too embarrassing to showcase here :)

January 2012 - Present

Co-founder, Product

PublikDemand allows consumers to post complaints about big companies. We aggregate and organize these complaints by topic and company. Individual complaints are turned into qualified leads for competitors.

I joined PublikDemand in early 2012 as a co-founder and product designer. PublikDemand went through the 500 Startups Summer 2012 accelerator program. During the three months of the program I designed the PublikDemand interface, wrote the frontend code, and crafted the logo and color scheme.

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September 2011 - January 2012

Director of User Experience

Infochimps is a big data marketplace and infrastructure provider. As the Director of User Experience, I led a revision of the web interface for their data marketplace product, improving the site experience for developers looking to incorporate data into their projects.

Infochimps acquired my previous company, Keepstream, in September 2011. It was Keepstream's first (and only!) TechCrunch post.

June 2010 - August 2011

Co-founder, Product

Keepstream was a real-time curation tool for organizing social media content. On Keepstream, users collected social media statuses from their Twitter and Facebook streams and placed them into permanent topic collections. These topic collections could then be embedded on a website or blog.

Keepstream evolved from our previous product during our time in the 2010 Capital Factory accelerator program in Austin, Texas. I led the design and frontend efforts on the entire Keepstream application, including a Keepstream Reports beta feature.

July 2008 - May 2010

Co-founder, Product

My startup career began in 2008 when I started CorkShare with college friends Tim Gasper and Huston Hoburg. CorkShare's premise was simple: provide users with their own "virtual corkboard" to post photos, videos, and notes to.

Sadly, CorkShare is no longer online. I have the code on GitHub somewhere, maybe I'll put it back online someday..